A beautiful hot and spicy lamb stew served with Naan.…

Mixed kebab

Served with an onion bhaji, samosa and seekh kebab.

Triangular shaped parcels of wafer thin pastry with keema meat…

Onion bhaji

Deep fried fritters of onions in mildly spiced batter served…

Beautiful chunks of chicken or lamb marinated in various herbs and…

Seekh kebab

Spiced keema (minced) meat prepared then skewered in a tandoori…

Chicken on the bone marinated in spices and cooked in…

Lamb Chops

Tasty Lamb chops in a spicy marinade.

Finely diced tender breast of chicken or lamb seasoned with…

Aloo Chat

Chopped potato cooked in spices and fresh herbs.

Prawns spiced and cooked in a rich bhuna style sauce.

Tender chick/green peas gently spiced, topped with cheese.

Tuna Bohra

Spicy Indian style Tuna kebabs, gently grilled and served on…


Fillets of white spicy Bengali fish.